The Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation is committed to the highest standards of nonprofit governance. To that end, our disclosures exceed the Institute for Nonprofit News’ transparency and editorial independence requirements.

All donors of $200 or more are disclosed by name and locale. Those giving between $200 and $999 may request anonymity; those giving $1,000 or more cannot. We do not name donors of less than $200.* When possible, we disclose the person initiating an institutional gift.

The amounts below represent 2017 donations through December 2. Figures are cumulative and are updated quarterly.

Susan Antilla, Bridgeport, Ct., $200

Aristides Capital Charitable Fund (Christopher Brown), Toledo, OH., $10,000

Bank of America Community Foundation, $250

Daniel Barker, New York, N.Y., $2,500

Roddy and Laura Boyd, Wilmington, N.C., $5,000

Boyd Family Foundation, Greenwich, CT., $32,000

Freddy Brick, San Francisco, Ca., $500

Daniel Bretthauer, Seattle, WA., $200

Jon Carnes, Vancouver, British Columbia., $45,000

Michael Ciklin, Brentwood, TN., $1,000

William Cohan, New York, N.Y., $2,000 ($1,000 of this donation was made in honor of former board member Christopher Byron)

The Marc Cohodes Charitable Fund, Cotati, CA., $15,000

Janet Cordingley, Rosemere, Quebec, Canada $300

Tracy Coenen, Milwaukee, WI., $500

Jonathan Daws, Cedar Grove, TN., $300

Rishi Dixit, San Francisco, CA., $200

William Duke, West Point, MS., $1,000

Matthew Farrell, Charlottesville, VA., $201

Scott Fearon, Greenbrae, CA., $20,000

John Fuhrmann, Berkeley Heights, N.J., $1,000

Jeffrey Gardner, New York, N.Y., $500

GeoInvesting Inc. (Dan David), Skippack, Pa., $9,000

Michael and Hillary Goode, Kalamazoo, MI., $10,000

James and Patricia Grant, Brooklyn, N.Y., $2,500

Jeff Gramm, Brooklyn, N.Y., $2,000

Herb Greenberg, San Diego, CA., $200

Michael Hartmann, Richmond, B.C., $350

Matthew Hinshaw, Portola Valley, CA., $2,000

James P. Hochleutner, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., $200

Matthew Humbaugh, New York, N.Y., $500

Paul Isaac, Larchmont, N.Y., $3,000

Peter Lattman & Isabel Gilles, New York, N.Y., $1,000

Thomas Lee, New York, N.Y., $500

LongLeaf Fund (Walker Abney), Wilmington N.C., $3,000

The Joshua Mailman Foundation (Joshua Mailman), New York, N.Y., $10,000

Elizabeth Mooney, San Francisco, CA., $200

Derek McDonald, Sudbury, Ontario, $200

National Christian Foundation (Tyler Burke), Dallas, Texas, $3,000

Alexander Polsky, White Salmon, WA., $500

Markus Rezny, London, England $200

Zander Rosenbluth, Pound Ridge, N.Y., $250

Rocker Family Foundation (David Rocker), Whippany, N.J., $2,500

Riva Ridge Capital Management LLC, New York, N.Y., $250

Bradley Safalow, Marietta, GA., $200

Trevian Partners LLC, Evanston, IL., $250

Jonathan Senn, Philadelphia, PA., $200

Rahul Seshan, New York, N.Y., $200

Vranos Family Foundation (Michael Vranos), Old Greenwich, CT., $10,000

*Donors of $200 or less gave $4,801.91 between January 1 and December 2, 2017. For the same period, those giving between $200 and $999 who were granted anonymity gave $10,919.25.