The Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation is committed to the highest standards of nonprofit governance. To that end, our disclosures exceed the Institute for Nonprofit News’ requirements for both member transparency and editorial independence. No donors receive anything of value in return for their donation.

All donors of $200 or more are disclosed by name and locale. Those giving between $200 and $999 may request anonymity; those giving $1,000 or more cannot. We do not name donors of less than $200.* Our policy is to disclose the person initiating an institutional gift. The foundation cannot accept gifts connected to a specific project or a desired outcome.

The amounts below represent 2018 donations through April 15. Figures are cumulative and are updated quarterly.

Aristides Capital Charitable Fund (Christopher Brown), Toledo, OH., $1,000

August Family Fund (Andrew August), Santa Monica, CA., $1,000

AWH Capital L.P. (Austin Hopper), Dallas, TX, $250

Jan Barta, Prague, Czech Republic, $1,000

Tyler & Stacy Burke, Dallas, TX., $2,500

Jon Carnes, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, $24,000

Benedict Cubitt, Toronto, Ontario, $200

Egerton Capital Management (John Armitage), $5,000, London, England

The John and Jessica Fullerton Charitable Fund, Aspen, CO., (John Fullerton) $100,000

James Graves, Louisville, KY., $250

Matthew Hinshaw, Portola Valley, CA., $2,500

Horey Family Fund (Brian Horey), New York, N.Y., $500

Steven Jones, St. Louis, MO., $500

Brian Joseph, Los Angeles, CA, $500

The Joshua Mailman Foundation (Joshua Mailman), New York, N.Y., $10,000

Jamison Miller, Baltimore, MD., $500

Parris Foundation (E. Spencer Parris), Wrightsville Beach, N.C., $2,500

Samuel Pierson, New York, N.Y., $250

Nicole Robinson, Phoenix, AZ., $1,000

Scopia Capital Management, New York, N.Y., $250

John Segrich, New York, N.Y., $250

Cody Shevitz, San Francisco, CA., $500

*Donors of $200 or less gave $670.04 between January 1 and April 15, 2018. For the same period, those giving between $200 and $999 who were granted anonymity gave $1,500.